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U.S. Probation Officers are community corrections professionals who serve as officers of the court and as agents of the U.S. Parole Commission. They are responsible for the supervision of persons conditionally released to the community by the courts, the Parole Commission, and military authorities. Probation Officers supervise offenders who are sentenced to a term of probation by the court, or who are on supervised release or parole after they are released from prison. Utilizing a variety of strategies, services, and treatment options, Probation Officers monitor offender compliance with the conditions of supervision and work with offenders to facilitate their reintegration into the community as law-abiding and productive members of society. The desired outcomes of supervision are the enforcement of the sentence and the protection of the community by reducing the risk and recurrence of crime and maximizing offender success during the period of supervision and beyond. The goal in all cases is the successful completion of the term of supervision, during which the offender commits no new crimes; is held accountable for victim, family, community and other court-imposed responsibilities; and prepares for continued success through improvements in his or her conduct and condition.

Commitment to Victims Rights

The U.S. Probation Office is committed to the rights of victims and by logical extension, to the re-entry of offenders and their development into productive members of society. Our office seeks a balanced approach to offender needs, enforcing the Order of the Court (J&C), protecting the community and an active response to the needs and rights of victims. Our office addresses this by investigating a full and complete assessment of victim impact; active, issue-driven supervision of offenders; restitution collection; law enforcement notifications as required upon the offender's sentence and/or release into the community; and continued training and education.