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Internship Program Policy

Southern District of Mississippi Student Intern Policy



  • The probation office prefers students who have completed two courses in corrections, including one course in probation and parole or similar course work.
  • The student intern shall have no convictions other than minor traffic infractions.


In an effort to obtain mature students who are sincerely interested in the correctional field, the following procedures have been formulated for the selection of student interns.

Interested students are requested to forward the following to the Deputy Chief Lee Grubbs for the Jackson office, Supervisory Probation Officer Kurt Raymond for the Gulfport office and Supervisory Probation Officer Doug Petersen for the Hattiesburg office:

  • A letter of interest
  • AO Form 78 (Application for Employment)
  • A letter affirming qualification for internship from the appropriate faculty representative of the college or university
  • A copy of graduate and undergraduate transcripts

Students will be contacted to arrange for them to visit the probation office for the purpose of a personal interview that determine eligibility of the applicant. Selection of student interns will be made in advance of the beginning of the term or semester for which the student intern will serve.

  • All students who are selected for an internship will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Acknowledgment of Risk form, specifying that they will maintain confidentiality of all case information during and after the course of their affiliation with the probation office.
  • All application materials will be copied and forward to the Deputy Chief or the Supervisory Probation Officer. The Deputy Chief Supervisory Probation Officer shall give final approval of each selection for intern, with input from the Executive Team.


A background investigation will be conducted by the Deputy Chief or a designee. The investigation will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • NCIC and local criminal history records checks of applicant (using employment J Code)

At the time of appointment, student interns and the Deputy Chief or the Supervisory Probation Officer will agree to a start and end date of the interns’ affiliation with the probation office. Upon meeting with the intern, the Deputy Chief or designee will review and sign the following, which will be sent to the Administrative Manager:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Acknowledgment of Risk
  • Acknowledgement of Gratuitous Services and Waiver
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Memorandum of Confirmation       
  • Applicant Consent and Authorization for Access to Financial Records; Criminal History
  • Computer Resources Acceptable Use and Security Policy
  • Emergency Notification Form
  • Social Media Policy


  • Comply with the administrative policies of the probation office throughout the duration of their internship
  • Follow the guidelines concerning confidentiality and conduct themselves in an ethical and moral manner
  • Report to their field placement on the days assigned; in the event the student intern is late or cannot report to work, the Deputy Chief or a designee shall be notified as soon as possible
  • Attend all general staff meetings as well as unit meetings on days when they are performing internship activities
  • Assist probation officers in the performance of tasks generally required of the probation officers, under the direction, guidance, and supervision of the Deputy Chief or the Supervisory Probation Officer.
  • Contact state and local probation/pretrial officers on behalf of the U.S. Pretrial Services Officers
  • Conduct collateral investigations under the direction of a U.S. Pretrial Services or Probation Officer
  • Collect urine samples from defendants and offenders
  • Conduct/Provide criminal history checks
  • Verify Vital Statistics (marriage and divorce checks)
  • Review files for education purposes
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Carry probation office identification with them at all times while performing duties and return same upon completion of the internship
  • Address any problems with the Deputy Chief or the Supervisory Probation Officer with whom they are working
  • All academic papers completed by the student intern that identify the probation office will be shared with the probation office and maintained in the probation office student intern file
  • Adhere to agency policies and procedures and to rules governing professional behavior


  • The Deputy Chief or Supervisory Probation Officer will maintain overall responsibility for the supervision of the internship program, will conduct an initial orientation, and structure a training program for the intern.
  • The Deputy Chief or the Supervisory Probation Officer will provide guidance and supervision that is essential for the proper training and guidance of student interns.
  • Assignments should include opportunities to observe court functions, violation of probation hearings, presentence investigation functions, field contacts of all varieties including visits to drug programs, local prisons, jails and community agencies.

Student Interns Will Not:

  • Carry or possess firearms, Cap-Stun or handcuff devices while performing duties as a student intern in the Probation Office
  • Carry badges
  • Sign any document relating to any function of the probation office without an approving signature of a probation officer.
  • Release confidential information.
  • Use/access anything that requires a login and password other than Novell, and PACTS view rights only.