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Pretrial is the time period after an individual has been arrested but before they have been convicted of a crime. During this time period, a pretrial services officer will gather information about the defendant through interviews and record checks. The pretrial services officer reports the information to the judge, so the judge can decide whether the defendant can be released on pretrial supervision or should be detained.

At a detention hearing, the judge will decide whether or not to grant pretrial release. If the defendant is granted pretrial release, the pretrial services officer will supervise the defendant to ensure they are not a danger to another person or the community, the conditions of their release are met, and they attend all required court hearings.

Pretrial supervision ends if the defendant is found not guilty at trial or the charges are dropped against him or her. If the defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty, the pretrial services officer will typically continue supervising the defendant until their sentence begins. Pretrial supervision usually lasts a few months, during which time a probation officer may start the defendant's presentence investigation.


The Pretrial Services Division of the Southern District of Mississippi is defined by two Federal Statutes; the Pretrial Services Act of 1982 and the Bail Reform Act of 1984. We are dedicated to conducting impartial bail investigations in an effort to minimize pretrial detention, and are committed to implementing comprehensive supervision strategies, when applicable, to enhance community safety and reduce nonappearance.

To Those We Serve, We Are Committed To the Following Guideline Principles


Setting the Standards: Striving to provide the highest quality products through thorough investigations, accurate and timely reports, and leading the way in community supervision and safety;


Integrity: Maintaining the highest level of respect, professionalism, accountability and ethics;


Training: Providing progressive training to all staff to meet the future challenges of the changing environment;


Vision: We will aspire to be the leader in Federal Pretrial Services.